G5 Entertainment Celebrates Christmas With Mobile Game Updates

G5 Entertainment launched holiday-themed content updates in many of its mobile games.

G5 Entertainment launched holiday-themed content updates in many of its mobile games. Here’s a look at what players can expect from these updates.

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows) – In this hidden-object game, players must figure out why letters aren’t reaching Santa by searching for objects in a new scene: Santa’s Workshop. Players can also complete 36 new quests in a “Tale of Fire and Snow” event. This event contains five new collections to complete, and it will allow players to receive a Christmas Amulet, a Snow Globe Totem and new male and female avatars. In addition, players can collect gifts that have been placed around the city. Finally, the game’s holiday update includes 48 additional quests and eight new collections to complete.

Twin Moons Society: Hidden Mystery (Free on iPad, Android, Amazon) – In this hidden-object game, The Dark One has cast a spell on Santa and his helpers, and players will need to find objects in a new hidden-object scene, Santa’s Workshop, in order to help save Christmas. Elsewhere, players can also help Santa create a “Christmas miracle.” As part of this update, players can participate in a “Christmas Holiday” event, which contains 30 quests and five collections to complete. By participating in this event, players can earn a new avatar, a Sun Stone Statuette, a Christmas Talisman, a Holiday Event Rarity and more. Finally, this holiday update includes 77 additional quests and 10 new collections to complete. Players who complete these quests and collections will receive two unique rarities.

Mahjong Journey (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows) – In this mahjong game, players can complete 30 new holiday levels on a winter map to receive new avatars and a Christmas Statuette. The statuette gives players a time booster every day.

Farm Clan: Farm Life Adventure (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – In this farming game, players can complete holiday-themed quests and a new collection. Users can also place holiday decorations around their farms.

The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows) – In this hidden-object game, players can search for items in a new hidden-object scene called Festive Dinner. Users can also participate in a “Christmas Time” event, which contains 30 quests and five new collections to complete. Players who participate in this event have a chance to receive new avatars, a special Pyramid of Wonder, a Christmas Talisman and other prizes.

The Paranormal Society: Hidden Adventure (Free on iPad, Android, Amazon) – In this hidden-object game, an evil Father Christmas ghost is trying to destroy the holidays. Players will need to stop him by exploring the new Seren Bowen’s location. By participating in this Christmas event, players can win a holiday-themed avatar, a special Talisman and other prizes. Elsewhere, with this holiday update, the number of specters in the game has been increased, and four new creatures have been added to the game.

Supermarket Mania Journey (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – In this time-management game, players can complete 16 new levels on a Christmas map to win a new avatar, a Christmas Statuette, a booster pack and other prizes. In addition, this update includes 32 additional new levels, which are spread across two new locations: the Mountains and a Skyscraper.

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