Gadget Seller’s Survey Says: Buy Tablets

A survey of 200 tablet users found that 160 of them say their work-life balance is better now that they have a tablet….Staples Advantage says.

Despite the data’s obviously suspect provenance, tablets are fantastic for reading email, scanning RSS feeds, and other forms of content consumption. Only a third of those surveyed said they created any content on the device (mostly writing emails).

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly), all of the 200 tablet owners surveyed had purchased their own, rather than having a company-provided gadget. Staples suggests that the survey “indicates benefits in small businesses providing tablets or encouraging their use.” Of course.

Okay, so it’s not the most groundbreaking thing in the world. But remember, the iPad was launched less than a year and a half ago, and 80% of users already say they’re using this to improve their work lives? Early adoption is no longer just for people who want to play, we suppose.

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