GalleyCat’s Literary Remix Contest

Our sibling blog GalleyCat is doing something so odd, crazy, and cool that we just had to share it with you. The blog’s editor Jason Boog is following his own literary passions and creating a literary remix contest, inviting his readers to rewrite one page each of a Horatio Alger novel.

Here are some details from GalleyCat:

We are proud to launch the World’s Longest Literary Remix contest today, as nearly 150 pre-registered GalleyCat readers will rewrite a Horatio Alger novel for fun and prizes. The contest concludes on Monday, June 7th.

These GalleyCat readers signed up to rewrite one page of Joe’s Luck: Always Wide Awake (cover pictured, via). When the contest concludes, we will publish the remixed text as a free digital book–complete with illustrations. Each remix contributor will be eligible for a random drawing of special giveaway prizes.

Check out the full post to see the prizes, and stay tuned for more as the contest unfolds.

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