Game, App Update Roundup: Halloween 2015 Edition

We take a look at some of this year's Halloween updates in apps and games across mobile and Facebook.

As Halloween quickly approaches, developers are celebrating the occasion by updating their apps and games on mobile devices, as well as Facebook.

From a new pumpkin boost in Bejeweled Blitz to a Monster High event in High School Story, there are plenty of Halloween-themed events to experience this October.

For instance, Zynga gave a Halloween update to its FarmVille 2: Country Escape farming game, adding a pumpkin pageant event challenging players to craft new recipes for a limited time. EA‘s The Simpsons: Tapped Out and The Sims FreePlay have also been updated with Halloween events.

Here’s a look at some of the Halloween updates across mobile devices and Facebook.

SimCity BuildIt (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – Electronic Arts’ city-builder has been updated with Halloween-inspired buildings. Available to players Level 4 and up, the Halloween update includes five new ‘parks.’ The Spooky Park and Monster Tree items are available for coins, while the Pumpkin Man Statue and Haunted Mansion items are available for Keys. Finally, a Graveyard structure is available for 450 SimCash, the game’s premium currency. Each item boosts the population of nearby buildings. In addition, at night, players’ cities will light up with ‘eerie effects.’

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Free on iOS, Android) – This popular tower defense game from Electronic Arts has received the ‘Lawn of Doom’ event, which includes two premium plants, as well as collectible Halloween-themed plant costumes for the Sunflower, Peashooter, Repeater, Wall-nut, Bonk Choy and Kernel-pult. Three of these plant costumes are earned through Piñata Parties. In terms of new plants, players can unlock the Jack O’Lantern for $6.99. The plant uses a flamethrower to attack several tiles in a single lane. The other plant is the returning Ghost Pepper, which ‘haunts’ zombies and also causes explosions to damage zombies. The Ghost Pepper is available for 80 Gems. As part of this event, players can defeat six costumed zombies.

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz (Free on iOS, Android, Facebook) – This match-three puzzle game from PopCap has received the new ‘Spookstone’ boost, which can be activated for 90,000 coins per game, or less, if players purchase Spookstones for multiple games in a row. The Spookstone replaces some of the orange gems on the board, and when matched with regular orange gems or other Spookstones, causes explosions to help players earn more points. At the end of each game containing the Spookstone, players can choose one of nine pumpkins containing a coin prize.

Letters From Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From Awem Games and G5 Entertainment, this hidden object game has been given 400 new quests to complete, with the Version 1.9 update relating to both an autumn harvest and Halloween itself. For autumn, players can collect strawberry items and enter the new Market scene, while the Halloween content sees players collecting pumpkin candies to open the Farm Yard scene. The game’s latest update also introduces a new hidden object mode: ‘Differences.’ This mode asks players to spot ‘unnoticed details in well-known scenes.’

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – In this hidden object game from AB Games and G5 Entertainment, players can find objects in the new Haunted Park hidden object scene to discover the name of the Halloween Steward. A Headless Horseman event is also available, challenging players to complete 40 Halloween quests and six event collections. Outside of this Headless Horseman event, the game has received a new set of 10 quests and two additional collections to complete. If players can complete the game’s Halloween collections, they’ll receive a ‘Magical Potion’ totem. If they complete all of the game’s Halloween quests, they’ll receive the ‘Owl of Samhain’ amulet, which increases energy restoration by five times. Finally, players can exchange items with new monsters (the Posh-Werewolves) to receive ‘valuable artifacts.’

The Secret Society (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – In this hidden object game from MyTona and G5 Entertainment, players can attend a costume party at the Society on Halloween, and can collect jack o’lanterns to unlock a new hidden object scene, the Spooky Yard. Players can receive a 100 percent Academician mastery level after they have searched this scene multiple times. As part of the game’s Version 1.16 update, gamers can complete 101 new quests and 17 collections, with 30 quests and five collections being specific to Halloween. If players can complete these quests and collections, they’ll unlock a new Halloween Avatar. In addition, players can win the magic Sphere of Miracles, which gives them more ‘special items.’

Swipe It

Swipe It (Free on iOS, Android) – This ‘family conversation game’ from HyprdrvMedia has been given a Halloween pack of topics. The app works to bring families closer together by giving them challenges to complete or prompts to talk about. With the Halloween pack, users receive 50 family-friendly, Halloween-themed prompts or challenges. One, for instance, may challenge family members to eat their meal as though they’re bobbing for apples. While Swipe It is available to download for free, the Halloween pack is available for $0.99.

Two Dots

Two Dots (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This level-based puzzle game from Playdots has received a graveyard-themed content update. The game’s new graveyard levels feature a new gameplay mechanic, slime, which users clear from the board by making lines with the dots on top of it. While these graveyard levels are a permanent addition to the game, a separate limited time Halloween event will also launch this week. The game’s Halloween levels will offer a themed ‘easter egg,’ which will trigger a special sound effect when users create a square using a line containing 20 dots.


Vainglory (Free on iOS, Android) – This multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game from Super Evil Megacorp has been updated with an ‘Autumn Season’ event, offering a new seasonal version of the Halcyon Fold map and limited edition seasonal skins for Celeste and Petal, two of the game’s heroes. These skins are available to purchase in the in-game market. If players compete in ranked matches during this event, they can earn an Autumn trophy.

Yahtzee with Buddies

Yahtzee With Buddies (Free on iOS, Android) – Until November 3, players of Scopely’s dice game can compete in the Dice Monster Showdown, which allows players to compete against special Dice Monsters in a Dice Master Tower challenge. When playing against Dice Monsters, the computer controls these characters, who take their turns automatically. As players defeat these Dice Monsters and advance through the Dice Master Tower, they’ll collect candy to win bonus rolls. As gamers collect candy, they’ll also automatically raise funds for Operation Smile, a charity providing surgery to children with cleft lip and cleft palate. Scopely has committed to a minimum donation of $25,000 to the charity. Special Halloween dice are also available to unlock as part of this update by completing specific tasks (like spending 10 bonus rolls in a match 100 times, as an example).

Sundown Boogie Frights

Sundown: Boogie Frights (Free on iOS, Android) – On October 29, players of Chillingo’s zombie-themed base-building combat game will be given three new Halloween missions to complete, as well as costumed survivors to rescue for their town. Players will defeat ‘pumpkin-head zombies’ as part of this update.

Find the Line

Find the Line ($2.99 on iOS) – On October 29, this puzzle game from Stigol and Chillingo will receive 26 Halloween-themed levels and two new themes filled with pop culture horror references. The game challenges players to swipe their finger on the screen to manipulate lines to identify and form complete shapes.

Robbery Bob 2 Double Trouble

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble ($2.99 on iOS, Android) – On October 29, this level-based sneaking and stealing game from Level Eight and Chillingo will introduce players to levels set in a haunted mansion. Bob will need to steal treasures from the mansion while setting ghost traps.

Perfect Kick

Perfect Kick (Free on iOS) – On October 29, this penalty shootout soccer game from GameGou and Chillingo will receive a new werewolf costume for players, as well as a new creepy stadium setting.

Iron Force (Free on iOS, Android) – On October 29, Iron Force, a multiplayer tank battle game from Coolfish Games and Chillingo, will receive a sale on items for Halloween. The sale includes items like Pumpkin Power-Up Drops, tanks, decals and gold medals.

High School Story (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – A high school simulation game from Pixelberry Studios, High School Story has partnered with Monster High to release new themed quests and characters in the game. Players can unlock four new characters for their high school during this event: Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and Cleo De Nile. In addition, players’ schools have been updated with a Halloween look, and users can build the new Monster High Hangout, based on the Monster High school building from the cartoons. Elsewhere, players can dress their students in four new Halloween costumes, and the game’s Werewolf and Vampire student types have returned with this update. Finally, Pixelberry Studios has partnered with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation to bring two promotional outfits and an exclusive quest to the game. A portion of each purchase will be donated to the Born This Way Foundation.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols

Crusaders of the Lost Idols (Free on Facebook) – This clicker or ‘idle’ game from Codename Entertainment has received the ‘Emo’s New Moon’ event, which will help players learn why the Emo Werewolf crusader is emo. This event lasts until November 4, and will allow players to complete four new objectives and recruit two new crusaders for their team (these crusaders are awarded by completing the first two objectives in the event). One crusader, Wendy the Witch, takes the place of Prince Sal, the Merman in the formation, while the Jack O’Lantern crusader takes the place of Natalie Dragon. If players complete the other two Halloween objectives (or play in Halloween ‘Free Play’), they’ll receive Halloween treasure chests, which contain new gear items for Wendy the Witch and Jack O’Lantern. Before players begin these new Halloween objectives, they’ll need to collect Halloween candies, which are earned automatically as they play the game, regardless of their current objective. Each Halloween objective requires candies to unlock. Players can unlock new achievements, which boost the damage rates of their crusaders, as they complete specific tasks in this Emo’s New Moon event. Crusaders of the Lost Idols is also available to play for free on Armor Games, Kongregate and Steam.

Outcast Odyssey

Outcast Odyssey (Free on iOS, Android) – This collectible card game from Bandai Namco Entertainment America has received a limited edition card bundle for Halloween. Available until November 2, each bundle costs 3,000 gems, and contains three cards, drawn from a total pool of ten possible cards, as well as 10 potions. Of these ten cards, seven are new to the game. Some of the available cards include the Soul Witch hero, the Pumpkin Bomb weapon, the Witch’s Sorrow weapon and the Witch’s Familiar pet, among others.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania 2 (Free on iOS, Android) – This hotel and city-building game from Reliance Games is based on the Hotel Transylvania 2 film. For Halloween, players will help Johnny complete quests as he explains the concept of Halloween to the hotel’s monsters. In this event, players can unlock new Halloween decorations for their hotel, and can unlock Franken Johnny as a special reward by completing the game’s Halloween quests and tasks. In addition to these quests, players can complete a zombie-themed event, which challenges them to tap on zombies to remove them from the hotel.

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – Until October 31, players of this cooking game from Office Create can purchase a new pack of Halloween recipes for $0.99. The pack contains recipes for Pumpkin Gratin and Cherry Pie, as well a new themed outfit for Mama, and more.

Hungry Babies Mania

Hungry Babies Mania (Free on iOS) – This match-three puzzle game from Storm8 has been updated with a new set of levels called Voodoo Bayou. These levels introduce players to Webby the frog and Amos the Alligator. In addition, the game’s animals have been dressed in Halloween costumes. As examples, Champ the dog is dressed as a vampire, while Zoomer the turtle is dressed as a ninja.

Dragon Story Halloween

Dragon Story: Halloween (Free on iOS, Android) – In this dragon raising and breeding game from Storm8, players can raise special Halloween-themed dragons, including the Sour Candy Dragon, Spell Dragon and Black Cat Dragon. Players can also participate in a Halloween-themed world event, which sees them collecting ‘Cursed Candy’ to win prizes which include Halloween-themed items like Jack O’Dragon, Bride of Franken Dragon and Candy Corn Dragon, among others.

Diamond Quest Halloween Trail

Diamond Quest: Halloween Trail (Free on iOS) – This match-three RPG from Storm8 offers a new Halloween-themed region called Trick or Treat Trail, which offers 25 new stages, seven exclusive puzzle pals (like Boo the ghost bunny and Poe the pumpkin bear, as examples) and pumpkin obstacles for players to overcome. Players will also face off against the new Halloween Witch character.

Restaurant Story 2: Halloween (Free on iOS) – Until November 4, players of this restaurant simulation game from Storm8 can participate in the Ghost Pirate Ship Catering Event, which sees a Ghost Pirate Ship dock next to players’ restaurants. The event allows players to fill the ship with recipes and ingredients, and players can cook special recipes on the Ghostly Stove. These recipes include Octopus Dip, Spooky Candy Apples, Cheese Pumpkins and Spider Bread Bowls.

Candy Blast Mania Halloween

Candy Blast Mania Halloween (Free on iOS, Android) – This match-three puzzle game from Storm8 has been updated with a special Halloween region of 12 levels, as well as new character costumes.

Fantasy Forest Story (Free on iOS, Android) – Already available on iOS devices, this animal breeding and battling game from Storm8 will officially launch on Android on October 29. The game’s Halloween event will allow players to win new animals, like a Zombee (earned by breeding either existing animals or new Halloween animals), and complete quests to win a Scaredy Cat, Eerie Owl and Lionheart. By breeding these Halloween animals, players can win three additional limited edition animals: Skeletal Steed, Sugar Skull Glider and Deadwing.

DragonVale (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – To celebrate Halloween, this dragon raising and breeding game from Backflip Studios allows players to participate in the Return of Whitbee’s Candy Bash event. The event sees players collecting Magic Candy by entering their dragons in challenges, spinning the Wheel of Chance, playing ‘Name that Dragon,’ and finding hidden pumpkins. As players collect Magic Candy, they can trade this in for prizes including four new dragons: a Lycan Dragon, Trick Dragon, Ortreat Dragon and Spectre Dragon.

Blood Brothers 2

Blood Brothers 2 (Free on iOS, Android) – Until October 31, players of DeNA’s action strategy RPG can post a photo of themselves dressed as their favorite character to the game’s Facebook fan page to enter to win a Legendary+ Adiv character for their game. Five players will be randomly chosen to receive the prize.

HellFire: The Summoning (Free on iOS, Android) – From October 27 to November 3, players of this card battle game from DeNA can participate in ‘The Samhain,’ a holiday that connects the realms of good and evil. During this event, players can ‘conjure minions to battle devilish armies and make offerings to the lords of HellFire to save them from impending doom.’

A Day in the Woods ($3.99 on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This sliding puzzle game from RetroEpic Software has been updated with a new theme for Halloween, which sees the game’s characters dressed in costumes. For instance, Red is dressed as a witch, while the bear is dressed as a fairy. Until October 31, A Day in the Woods is on sale on iOS and Android for $3.99 (down from $4.99). The game is part of Amazon Underground‘s ‘Actually Free’ lineup of games and apps for non-iOS players.

Summoners War (Free on iOS, Android) – This RPG from Com2uS has been updated (and will be updated) with multiple events for Halloween. The first, a Halloween candy event, runs until November 1, and allows players to collect candies at random by clearing dungeons and scenario battles. These candies help players power-up their Runes during the event. A separate Halloween Secret Dungeon event runs until November 2. On different days during this event, players can clear the Halloween Secret Dungeon to encounter different monsters, including a Dark Monster Flower, Dark Ghost, Dark Mimick, Dark Horned Frog, Dark Sandman and Dark Low Elemental. A Secret Dungeon for the new Frankenstein monster will also be available during this event, for a 24-hour period beginning at noon on October 31, and ending at noon on November 1. A third event will take place from October 31 to midnight on November 2, and will offer Angelmon, Rainbowmon and Devilmon dungeons for players to complete. Finally, players will be awarded with unlimited energy, double experience points and mana stones at very specific times from October 31 to midnight on November 2. Players can learn more about these boosts, and their available time periods, on the game’s forums.

Township (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – In this city-building game from Playrix, players’ towns have been decorated for Halloween (animals and townspeople are also dressed in costumes), and players can grow a new crop, Pumpkins, on their farm plots. In addition, two new temporary recipes are available for crafting in factories: Pumpkin Chips and Pumpkin Pies. Players will need to craft these recipes, as well as normal recipes, to fulfill orders for trick-or-treaters in order to earn points in a limited time event. The more points players collect during this event, the more rewards they’ll earn for their game. Elsewhere, players can purchase six holiday decorations in the game’s store: a Mysterious Castle, Pumpkin Tree, Black Cat, Pumpkin Man, Witch with a Potion and Chamber of Horrors. Finally, Emma the Little Witch and her pet crow will live in players’ towns during this Halloween event.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Facebook) – This lifestyle simulation game from Glu Mobile has been updated with new costumes for players and their in-game baby.

Deer Hunter 2016 (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This hunting game from Glu Mobile has been updated with the Halloween Nightmare event, which allows players to hunt new exotic animals and win exclusive Halloween-themed weapons.


Quickboy (Free on iOS, Android) – From October 27 to November 5, this side-scrolling running game from Netmarble Games will feature the Pumpkin Zombies event, allowing players to defeat Pumpkin Head zombies which appear at random in the game’s story mode and challenge mode. Once players defeat the required number of zombies, they’ll receive a limited edition Halloween drone, which is only available to unlock during this event. The Halloween Drone creates candy coins when used during runs. These candy coins can be exchanged for normal coins, at a rate of two normal coins for each Halloween candy coin. In addition, a separate Halloween Candy event will see players collect candy from the survivors they rescue while running. This candy can be used to unlock a Halloween box containing a ‘special prize.’ Finally, the game’s main characters (like Tommy and Lily, among others) will wear Halloween costumes during this event.

Seven Nights

Seven Knights (Free on iOS, Android) – Until November 4, players of this turn-based RPG from Netmarble Games can collect pumpkins in the game’s Adventure mode, and collect candy in the game’s Battle Arena, Castle Rush or Celestial Tower modes. These pumpkins and candy can be traded for six-star weapons, armor and hero tickets. In addition, 11 costumes are available during this Halloween event, including Vampire, Corpse Bride, Black Swan and Heart-Queen costumes.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout

Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Free on iOS, Android) – This first-person shooter from Gameloft has been updated with a new Pumpkin Mask item, which provides a primary weapon accuracy bonus, as well as six themed armor and weapon camos. Three new weapon trinkets are also available: a Squash, Claws and a Witch Hat. The game’s multiplayer maps have been given a themed appearance with pumpkins, tombstones, coffins and more, and during Halloween, all multiplayer maps will be set at night. Finally, a Halloween ghost will appear on all maps. In addition to these updates, a special Werewolf Event will now begin appearing in the game once per month, which allows players to unlock Werewolf armor. As part of this Werewolf event, players can ‘fill [a] blood thirst meter to unleash ravaging attacks.’

iHeartRadio (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone) – On October 28, radio platform iHeartRadio is launching its first Karaoke Radio Station, offering karaoke versions of popular songs. In honor of Halloween, the station will be temporarily named ‘ScaryOkey Radio.’ As part of this event, iHeartRadio has created a ScaryOkey Songbook microsite, which will be synced to the ScaryOkey Radio station, and will offer the song lyrics users can sing along to.

FarmVille Harvest Swap

FarmVille: Harvest Swap (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Facebook) – From now until October 31, players of this match-three puzzle game from Zynga can participate in the ‘Elvira’s Spooktacular’ event alongside Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark. The event sees players collecting Elvira’s pet bats to receive prizes like unlimited lives, shovels, wheelbarrows and Diamonds, the game’s premium currency. Players will receive 10 bats for each level they successfully finish during this event.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – Until Halloween, players of Zynga’s popular multiplayer word game can compete against the Ghost of Shakespeare in the game’s Solo Play mode. In these games, Shakespeare (the computer) will play ‘his’ moves every two minutes. After a certain number of moves, the Shakespeare character will respond to players’ moves in the game’s chat window, and will also respond when gamers create ‘exceptionally high point words.’ During this event, all ‘Word of the Day’ words in the app will be words Shakespeare invented.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter (Free on iOS, Android) – Until November 1, players of Bethesda Softwork’s Vault-building game have the chance to receive two new Halloween outfits in Lunchboxes. These outfits are ‘rare’ cards, but have a higher percentage chance for players to receive them. These outfits can also be received when sending Vault Dwellers into the Wasteland. In addition, fully upgraded Diners and Living Quarters (those that are three-wide and upgraded to level three), have been decorated for Halloween. Players may need to force close and restart the app for this update to take effect.

Mystery Match (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Facebook) – This match-three puzzle game from Outplay Entertainment has received 20 new levels in a Halloween update. In this update, the game’s heroes, Emma and Julian, travel to the Knight’s Estate, a rural setting with ruined gardens and a haunted workshop, where they ‘will be haunted by ghosts of the past.’ As part of this update, players will complete levels containing a Knight chess piece which moves around the board and destroys gems.

Angry Birds 2 (Free on iOS, Android) – For Halloween, Rovio has added new levels to the strategy puzzle game in a new area called Snotting Hill. In these levels, players are introduced to a slime-like mechanic, which allows birds (and debris) to slide on ramps to hit the pigs’ fortresses.

Angry Birds Seasons (Free on iOS, Android) – This holiday-themed version of Rovio’s Angry Birds has received its ‘biggest update yet’ to celebrate the game’s fifth birthday, as well as Halloween. In this update, players can complete 30 new levels in the ‘Invasion of the Egg Snatchers’ episode, which is inspired by B movies. The game has also received a new bird, Telebird, which can teleport through solid objects to hit pigs. Players can also dress their birds in new costumes.


Afterpulse (Free on iOS) – Until November 9, players of this multiplayer third-person shooter from Digital Legends Entertainment and Gamevil can collect new Halloween gear and weapons by purchasing premium ‘Nightcrawler’ mystery crates in the game’s store. There are two crates available, one for weapons and the other for gear, though players aren’t guaranteed to receive a Nightcrawler item with each crate purchase. Nightcrawler weapons give players 30 extra experience points when they get three kills in a match. In terms of gear, there are three sets of gear to collect, each with three items: the Nightcrawler Skull gear, the Nightcrawler Ghost gear and the Nightcrawler Monster gear. When players collect two or all three pieces from a single set, they’ll receive a bonus to their damage stat when using shotguns, SMGs or assault weapons. The weapon type depends on the gear set, with the damage boost being higher if players have acquired all three items, rather than two. In addition to these Nightcrawler mystery crates, the game offers two premium Halloween bundles. These bundles are available for $10 or $20, and contain Gold (the game’s premium currency), as well as Nightcrawler crates which are guaranteed to contain the new weapons and gear. Finally, players have a chance to receive Nightcrawler weapon crates as random drops from multiplayer games, but these crates contain less valuable items than the premium crates in the store, in terms of their contents’ star ratings.

Shop Heroes (Free on iOS, Android, Facebook) – From now until November 5, players of this RPG shop simulator from cloudcade will be given the free Pumpkin Head item for their avatar. The rest of the game’s Halloween items are available via the premium Halloween Package in the game’s store. The bundle costs $14.99, and contains 750 Gems (the game’s premium currency), 12,500 gold, three exclusive blueprints (for crafting new items), there exclusive pieces of shopkeeper apparel for the player’s avatar and an exclusive tombstone decoration for players’ shops.

MoBu (Free on iOS) – On October 29, this ape swinging game from Panteon will receive a new Jungle of Horrors environment containing pumpkins, tombstones and more. In the game, players swipe on the screen to help MoBu the ape swing across environments while collecting bananas. These bananas are spent as energy as players swing through each stage. Once the update is released, players will be able to spend their extra bananas on a variety of costumes for MoBu.

Land Sliders (Free on iOS) – Prettygreat has launched a large Halloween update in its endless item collection game. In partnership with game company Double Fine, the game has been updated with the Wren and Reynold characters from Double Fine’s Costume Quest. In addition, players can unlock new Zombie and Sarcophagus characters, as well as Ms. Calavera to celebrate Dia de los Muertos. Each character can be unlocked at random by spending coins (which are collected while playing) on character boxes. Or, players can purchase these characters instantly for $0.99 each. Each of these characters will see players collecting a different item when they’re used in games. To be specific, players will collect candy for Wren and Reynold, brains for the zombie, scarabs for the Sarcophagus and sugar skulls for Ms. Calavera. In addition to these characters, players can unlock one final character, the Vampire, if they find 50 jack o’lanterns hidden in environments as they play. Players will collect vials of tomato juice when playing as the Vampire.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Facebook) – This city-building game from TinyCo and Fox Digital Entertainment has received a horror movie-themed event for Halloween. This event is called Death at the Drive-In, and it sees players complete quests after Death releases Chucky, Michael Myers and other movie villains into Quahog.


Languinis (Free on iOS, Android) – This match-three puzzle and word game from VRTRON and Tilting Point has received a new visual theme for Halloween, which sees the game’s gem symbols given creepy faces. In addition, the Languinis themselves are now wearing pumpkin heads, and levels have received other themed additions, like animated spiders.

Sling Kong

Sling Kong (Free on iOS, Android) – This endless survival game from Protostar has been updated with a new visual theme for Halloween, as well as five new characters: a ghost, troll, vampire, monster and skeleton. In the game, players fling characters between pegs while avoiding obstacles in an effort to go as high as possible, and with this update, gamers can collect pumpkins while playing. If players collect 20 pumpkins, they’ll unlock the rare pumpkin character.

Ski Safari 2

Ski Safari 2 ($1.99 on iOS, Free on Android) – A endless skiing game from Sleepy Z Studios, Ski Safari 2 has been updated with the new Monster Mountain location for Halloween, which sees players being chased by a giant jack o’lantern. Players have 32 new challenges to complete and can unlock new themed gear and costumes in the game’s shop.

Might & Mayhem: Battle Arena (Free on iOS, Android) – Players of this multiplayer arena combat game from Kiz Studios can now try an ‘Immortal Manor’ alliance raid against Dracula. The Immortal Manor features three battles, and rewards players with new raid-exclusive items. In addition, a new world event is now available, featuring two new playable characters, Scarecrow and Lesser Vampire, and a new battle boost. Lesser Vampires are fast, while Scarecrows can steal effects and ‘Doom’ all enemies. Finally, the new ‘Vamped Up’ battle boost can turn any one of a player’s fighters into the Greater Vampire.

Wakfu Raiders

Wakfu Raiders (Free on iOS, Android) – For the next few weeks, all of the dungeons, and the overall game world in this RPG from gumi, Inc. will be decorated with jack o’lanterns and other themed items. Players can also craft new Halloween gear for their characters.

HotelQuickly (Free on iOS, Android) – From now until October 31, HotelQuickly, a hotel-booking app for hotels in the Asia-Pacific is throwing a ‘Haunted Hotel Hunt,’ challenging users to search for Halloween-themed symbols (like spiders, bats and black cats) in hotel pictures. When users find these symbols, they’re encouraged to take a screenshot and share it to the event’s Facebook page for a chance to win free hotel vouchers. Each day, two $20 hotel vouchers will be awarded to the first two users to share pictures of the symbols. However, on Halloween itself, the first user to find the ‘haunted’ hotel picture will receive a $100 hotel voucher.