Game Designer Will Wright Developing Programs for the Science Channel

Toward the end of March, there was a fair bit of buzz that famous video game designer Will Wright (Sim City, The Sims, etc.) was going to be putting together a reality show for the Current network. The gaming site IGN had gotten a peek at development documents of some kind, saying the show was going to be an interactive hybrid of a show, where viewers could guide the plots or activities based by using mobile devices and through the program’s website. Now it looks like either Wright has two television projects in the works, or that show was just something being talked about and won’t be happening, with the news that the Science Channel has signed Wright on on to develop series and a number of specials for them. As Reuters reports, the programs will “explore topics including time travel, different worlds and the future. Each program will have online and interactive components and will attempt to reflect the sensibility of Wright’s video game work.” Sounds too similar to be another plan in the works, so we’re guessing the money behind Discovery‘s Science Channel did the talking in the end.

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