Game Insight Says it is Netting $1M in Revenue From Top-Grossing Android Game Paradise Island

Russian developer Game Insight is probably best known to Western audiences on Facebook for its 6waves-published titles Mystery Manor and Resort World, but its reach goes well beyond that in the international market and now it’s expanding onto Android with freemium game, Paradise Island (pictured).

Game Insight’s VP of Business Development, Darya Trushkina, reveals to ISG that Paradise Island is currently generating $1 million net revenue — and that’s with neither ads nor offer walls; just pure organic growth and income from in-app billing. This convinces the developer that there’s no need to build an iOS version, let alone port any of its social games to iOS. Game Insight instead plans to release another Android game based on its newest social game, Crime Story.

That $1 million figure is up from the $640,000 it was earning on a monthly basis in May. The figure also helps set an upper-bound on what in-app billing revenue currently could be on Android. The highest-ranked iOS game on the grossing list is said to earn at least three times that much, according to sources familiar with revenue from these games. Keep in mind that these figures exclude revenue from advertising and other distribution deals that top developers often find coming their way.

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