Game Insight Announces Gameplay Improvements, Updates for Cloud Raiders

Mobile and social game company Game Insight has announced a series of new updates for its strategy game Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest. The updates have been made after taking players’ wishes into account, and result in “a lot of new possibilities” for gamers. For instance, the game has been updated with new tactical commands during combat.

During each battle, gamers can give orders to their troops, telling them which objects to attack and plunder first. Auras can be used to increase damage and combat power, and bonus points are earned for defending one’s own island and participating in clan contests.

The overall game of Cloud Raiders sees users building their own fortress in the sky, protecting it with defensive weapons like cannons. It’s a cross-platform experience that allows for player-vs-player combat on both Facebook and mobile devices.

Here’s a bit more on the update, straight from Game Insight:

“Your well-being and riches are now threatened not only by pirates but also by vile goblins who have invaded your island trying to steal the loot. Fortunately, you have a chance to vanquish this new threat by hiring unique warriors with incredible abilities that will visit your island every week. Use your chance to employ them before they fly away to other players in search of easy pickings.”

Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest has been played by more than 1 million gamers since its launch in May. It’s available to download on iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices, and to play for free on Facebook.