Game Insight unleashes Tank Domination on iPad

Image via Game Insight

Game Insight has officially released Tank Domination on iPad, bringing a virtual world-in-chaos to mobile gamers. The year is 2023, and the world’s governments have been replaced with military superpowers, each battling for control of the planet’s few remaining resources. In each battle, players will control one of 30 different vehicles as they work to defeat enemy players around the world.

Tank Domination supports 10-vs-10 real-time multiplayer battles across maps in three different world regions. These maps are highly destructible, allowing for the destruction of walls and barricades, as well as complete buildings.

As players make progress with tanks, they’ll earn experience points and will unlock access to over 700 kinds of ammo and over 900 modifications. Each tank has its own stats, and the game’s upgrades allow players to fine-tune their battle vehicles to fit their own play-style. One may offer a faster-moving turret, for instance, while another makes tanks simply move faster across the map.

Image via Game Insight

While players unlock items for free over time, they can also purchase upgraded equipment instantly with real money.

Tank Domination was heavily previewed before launch, and we were given the opportunity to go hands-on with the then-unfinished product in September. The game is now available to download for free on iPad, with an Android version coming in 2014.

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