Gameloft Launches Sniper Fury on Mobile Devices

The first-person shooter sees players travel the world to defeat enemies using a variety of weapons.

Gameloft has released its newest game, Sniper Fury, on mobile devices. The first-person shooter takes players to the near future as they join an organization named Cellstrike, and are challenged to eliminate enemy threats around the world.

Sniper Fury offers multiple mission types, including story missions and standalone sniping and assault missions, as examples. While playing, users drag their finger around the screen to aim their weapon and can zoom in on enemies before firing. Players will have access to sniper rifles, assault rifles, railguns and other weapons as they progress, and can upgrade these weapons in between stages.

Sniper Fury

Players can unlock upgrades for their weapons using either free currency (cash) or crafting materials. These crafting materials are earned after some missions, and can also be collected by purchasing premium battle crates in the game’s store.

In addition to single-player missions, Sniper Fury includes a multiplayer mode, which sees players customize their own base to protect it from other players. Gamers can assign up to five ‘squadmates’ to their base, who will gather gold automatically over time, and will also defend the base from attacks. This gold is a separate currency from cash, and can be used to upgrade the overall base, or these squadmates.

When attacking another player’s base, users can choose the weapon they’d like to use, and will need to defeat the base’s individual soldiers just as they would defeat enemies in a single-player mission. These attacks are timed, challenging players to defeat every enemy before time runs out to steal gold from the other player’s safe. Gamers can also fail these battles by allowing the enemy soldier(s) to defeat them.

Sniper Fury offers more than 130 missions at launch, and includes timed events which give players a chance to earn bonus rewards. Players need energy to complete both single-player and multiplayer missions. This energy recharges automatically over time, or can be purchased with premium currency. Users can also buy additional gold and cash, as well as premium weapons.

Sniper Fury is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is expected to release on the Windows Phone Store today.