Games Are Facebook's Fastest Growing Applications

Games lead this week's ranking of the fastest growing applications on Facebook.

Many of the top 20 items on our weekly growth leaderboard are holding strongly to their positions for a second consecutive week. Social games have a unanimous lead, and the closest competition comes from page creation tools. Read on below, and be sure to take a closer look at all Facebook applications using our detailed statistic tool.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

Name DAU MAU Weekly Growth
1. The Sims Social 7,996,772 30,841,042 7,434,539
2. Welcome Tab 481,425 10,170,206 2,208,710
3. 21 questions 4,659,089 29,933,339 1,939,889
4. The Smurfs & Co 1,422,484 9,907,584 1,565,340
5. Friends Photos 328,721 3,082,251 1,554,364
6. Words With Friends 3,328,188 12,753,056 1,421,784
7. Luck Daily! 196,773 1,927,440 1,270,136
8. Static Iframe Tab 633,607 10,307,025 1,235,178
9. Static HTML: iframe tabs 2,730,912 50,606,433 1,139,978
10. Phrases (new) 311,700 1,134,646 1,119,629
11. FarmVille 8,392,682 35,566,567 945,784
12. Magic Land 362,311 2,741,458 890,435
13. Poker Club 165,235 4,715,948 835,765
14. Diamond Dash 2,126,432 11,250,312 732,102
15. Are YOU Interested? 1,064,265 15,857,344 718,333
16. iwipa: HTML + iframe + FBML 865,512 15,982,315 706,440
17. Fruit Ninja (Chinese) 140,804 1,360,652 684,733
18. Social Empires 827,038 4,692,862 649,719
19. Truth Game 1,488,047 11,477,271 598,717
20. Mystery Manor 509,376 2,597,329 580,370


Though its lead has simmered in comparison to the previous seven days, The Sims Social continues to lead with a 7,434,539 weekly growth total. Holding steady four places behind, The Smurfs & Co welcomes 1,565,340 new players.

Zynga continues to have two games making waves on the leaderboard. Words With Friends appears to be glued in sixth place; the final tally comes in at 1,421,784 synched accounts. FarmVille takes a huge step forward to kick off the second half of our countdown collecting 945,784 new gamers.

Wooga racks up successful weekly growth numbers with two of its gaming applications. Magic Land is found hanging on in 14th place, due to a 890,435 increase. Returning after a very long absence, Diamond Dash accrues a 732,102 comeback total.

Kama Games’ Poker Club returns, and 835,765 more vitual card players are throwing their chips on the table. Making its first appearance in the 16th spot with a 684,733 seven-day total, the premise of Chinese game Fruit Ninja is as simple as its name: Slash the fruit as it rolls forward.

Social Insight’s Social Empires has 649,719 people creating their own fantasy worlds, a finish good enough for the 18th position.

Mystery Manor, developed by Game Insight, takes the final spot witnessing an additional 580,370 Facebook users searching for hidden items in pictures.

Page Creation Tools

With a strong second place week once again, Welcome Tab leads the page creation tools with a 2,208,710 weekly growth increase. Woobox’s Static Iframe Tab climbs back into the top 20 in the eighth spot compiling tabs built and view total of 1,235,178.

The tool’s success pushes Static HTML: iframe tabs back one place, and a 1,139,978 finish places it in ninth place. Iwipa‘s notable return last week may be short-lived as the application slips to 16th settling for a decreasing 706,440 total.


It is an off week for the question applications. Staying put in third, 21 Questions continues the success of the trend with 1,939,889 adds.

Taking the hardest fall of the week, Truth Game is now lingering in the back end of the fastest growing apps. A ten place decrease has the popular competitor in trend settling for 19th with 598,717 new quiz-takers.

Just For Fun

Friends Photos successfully advances to the fifth position gaining 1,554,364 new users. If you do not mind regular posts added to your profile, Luck Daily posts daily percentage totals of just how fortunate your day may turn out; 1,270,136 adds places it in seventh place.

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