GameStop Steps Up Digital Retail Effort on Facebook With New Page Storefront

Video game retailer GameStop announced a partnership with social commerce service Adgregate Markets to provide a digital storefront for GameStop on Facebook on the company’s Page.

For the last three years, GameStop has been aggressively pursuing the digital commerce space by offering in-store downloads of game content as part of special promotions, buying browser game network Kongregate, and by selling downloadable content packs previously only available through console networks Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The company also introduced a customer loyalty program that drives customers toward browser games on Kongregate.

Despite these moves toward digital retail through social networks, however, the company hasn’t taken a plunge into the social games space; although we observe the GameStop Facebook page features a Free Games tab that directs to Kongregate and to several large Facebook games like CityVille and Mafia Wars. The lack of any real bridge to social games could create conflict where its DLC sales are concerned. For example, the Facebook store makes no mention of social games affiliated with some of the console titles it offers, notably Dragon Age Legends and its unlockable content ties to Dragon Age 2. Because GameStop frequently offers exclusive DLC packs to customers that pre-order specific games, it may be that these offers compete with DLC made available through affiliated social games.

You can check out the GameStop Facebook storefront for yourself here.