Gamevil reaches 200M downloads mark

South Korean mobile game developer and publisher Gamevil announced today that it reached the 200 million downloads mark on mobile devices.

The company attributed the high download mark to its Partner Fund. Gamevil’s Partner Fund, which Gamevil has invested $20 million into so far, helps external and third-party game developers build a strong lineup of smartphone games. The program currently has more than 40 developers in its portfolio. Games from the program are distributed across both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Gamevil also announced that it has hired Won Il Sue as senior vice president of Gamevil USA, where he’ll lead the corporate development and publishing division of the company. He was recently the vice president of corporate development at Nexon America and before that he was the CEO of Nexon Korea.

Gamevil, which was founded in 2000, reported in November its biggest quarter where it had 16.6 billion KRW ( $15.3 million) in sales, a 66 percent growth for Q3 2012.

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