A 69-Year-Old Agent of Newspaper Change

Dr. Norman García's latest project: Philippines newspaper the Daily Inquirer.

Who better to report on the imminent redesign of Philippines daily newspaper the Daily Inquirer than a reporter from that publication? As Juliet Labog-Javellana notes at the top her article, the man tasked with overseeing that transformation, New York-based Dr. Norman García (pictured), has over the years been involved with hundreds of media brands.

This, though, is the 69-year-old’s first project in the Philippines. García first visited the Inquirer newsroom in April of 2015 and is back there this week ahead of Thursday’s scheduled launch:

“Many well-designed newspapers have ceased to exist, while many not-so-beautiful newspapers continue to thrive. Why? Because the content has been essential to the lives of its readers,” Garcia said in an interview for this article.

“My background and training are those of a journalist. So in each project I have emphasized the importance of the good story, with design there to package it and to make it more accessible,” he said.

García blogs enthusiastically about his various projects. He will be sharing several posts this week in advance of the Oct. 6 unveil. He also, for the Inquirer write-up, highlighted his all-time favorite project. Hint: It’s a newspaper in South America.

Photo via: garciamedia.com

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