Gartner Analyst Says Amazon Wants ‘eReader Supremacy’

While everyone is drawing conclusions about what the Kindle Fire will mean for the iPad, Gartner analyst Allen Weiner thinks that the big news from Amazon is really the new Kindles.

With three new eInk Kindles available priced at $79, $99 and $149, Weiner argues that Amazon is pushing to keep its dominance in the eReader market, especially overseas.

Here is more from the Gartner blog: “This is not a straightforward Amazon vs. the market event; the dynamics are complicated. Amazon’s new lower-priced e-readers could thwart B&N’s efforts in non-U.S. markets. B&N only offers Nooks domestically but has talked about global distribution; Amazon’s ability to sell internationally a popular device at a low cost could keep B&N from becoming a global player. Such a move would challenge Kobo which has set up a number of intentional distribution agreements as well as put a major dent in any plans Sony—a global player—would have in this market.”

Do you think Amazon is going for global dominance?

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