Gartner Says Microsoft Will Not have any Tablet Marketshare in 2015

Gartner has an interesting view of the tablet world in 2015.

Gartner Says Apple iOS to Dominate the Media Tablet Market Through 2015, Owning More Than Half of It for the Next Three Years

Gartner says that Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android will rule the 2015 tablet world with a combined market share of 85.7%. QNX (RIM PlayBook) and WebOS (HP) will be also-rans. But, the most interesting player is the one not listed: Microsoft. Presumably Gartner believes that Microsoft will not have any tablet story to tell in 2015 or will be part of the meager 0.2% of “Other Operating Systems”.

While Microsoft’s current tablet strategy of using Windows 7 seems like a wrong-headed approach, it is difficult to believe they will not have a tablet response of any kind by 2015.

AppleInsider points out, Gartner alter its smartphone story between in the recent past. They certainly will adjust their predictions in the years to come.

Gartner’s iPhone, Android predictions radically revised in a year and a half

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