Gary Vaynerchuk Creating A Talent Agency For Vine Stars

According to Fast Company, legendary brand consultant and author Gary Vaynerchuk is launching a talent agency for the stars of Vine.

No, this is not a June Fools’ joke. Read on for the details.

Fast Company has it that Vaynerchuk’s agency for popular Viners will be called “Grape Story.” That’s a riff on his claim to fame, Wine Library.

Vaynerchuk told Fast Company,

“I started a YouTube show in 2006, so I lived that phenomenon. I lived what happened on Twitter for the first year and a half, before quote, unquote, real celebrities were on it. It’s just so obvious to me that this is going to happen.”

With the exception of Grape Story’s cofounder, Vine star Jerome Jarre, the agency hasn’t yet announced its roster. For an inkling of where they might start, check out Unpopular Now, a group of about 30 popular Viners.

With regard to how his group would choose Vine stars, Vaynerchuk explained,

“This takes a very specific skill. So we’re going to be looking for people who aren’t famous for anything else other than they artistically figured out how to storytell in six seconds.”

Apparently Virgin Mobile will be the first company to hire Grape Story’s stars, which means the contracted six-second videos will incorporate Virgin Mobile messaging (think Twitter Amplify).

That corporate sponsorship means major dealage for the Vine stars; Vaynerchuk told Fast Company that a star who made about 20 videos each year could make a living.

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