Gawker Launches Open Forums

Gawker Media has unveiled a new feature across its nine blogs, creating a space where readers can leave comments and initiate discussions beyond the reach of moderators. Now, Gawker’s blogs have a tip submission box at the top that is as large as the blog’s logo, inviting readers to submit content and create or contribute to Open Forum pages.

As Gawker explains in commenting FAQ, users can now take their thoughts “outside” a post by using a hashtag feature similar to one popularized by Twitter. Readers will also be able to provide tips simply by adding a “#tips” hashtag to any submission. However, those tips will become immediately public, Gawker warned:

“Don’t forget that any content you post in #tag pages or tell us in #tips will be public. Forums and tips that we particularly like will receive front-page promotion.”

Gawker chief Nick Denton told Nieman Journalism Lab he expects the new feature to cause chaos. He also compared the idea that readers can create pages for people to a “dark Facebook.”

“But as the front pages of our sites become ever more professional, it’s even more important to allow anarchy to bubble up from below,” Denton added. “The goal is to blur the line between our editors and commenter-contributors.”

What do you think of the new feature?

Got a #tip? Gawker Media opens tag pages to masses, expecting “chaos” –Nieman Journalism Lab

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