Columnist Celebrates ‘Schadenfreude-licious’ Gawker Bankruptcy

Michelle Malkin is laughing all the way to the memory bank.

NYPostGawkerFront_6_11Gawker Media recently shared examples of what the editors consider to be the bulk of their digital iceberg: significant pieces of journalism that had significant reach and impact. Not on the list is a Sept. 29, 2006 Wonkette item by Ken Layne titled “Michelle, You Ignorant Slut…”

For a look back at that tip-of-the-iceberg bit, readers need to jump to a piece in today’s New York Post contributed by Michelle Malkin, the target of the bygone Spring Break bikini-snapshot report:

The image was a ridiculous Photoshop of a picture filched by an anonymous creep who stole it from the Flickr site of then-Ohio University student Ashley Herzog.

Both Ashley and I wrote the Wonkette and Gawker editors informing them of how her photos had been manipulated and requesting that they tell their readers what actually happened. Denton’s editors mocked us and then fecklessly claimed it was a joke all along.

Indeed. Here’s the upside-down justification included in the update added in November 2006 to the top of Layne’s original post:

b) We made no claims as to its [the photo’s] authenticity — in fact, we comically over-qualified every reference to said image so it would be extra obvious. But now, at the behest of an alleged lawyer, we will bold all the relevant original wording that makes it abundantly clear to those familiar with the English language that we neither created nor vouched for said comical image.

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