Nick Denton Fights Back Reports that Gawker Media’s Traffic Has Plummeted Since Redesign

Earlier this month, we noted that Gawker Media’s traffic had been steadily declining since the redesign.

Have things turned around since? Not according to the Atlantic, which dug in a bit further today and reported that Gawker’s traffic is actually much worse than anyone anticipated, based on its internal public statistics. It backed this up with a scary-looking chart showing a terrifying decline in page views for all of Gawker Media sites beginning in January.

But Nick Denton challenged the article and wrote in to argue that the site’s internal tracker has been broken for two months:

Those numbers are total pageviews from all sources for all sites,” he said, referencing Quantcast data. “We were doing about 100m a week. At the low-point, we dipped to 75m. We’re not [sic] back at 93m.”

Denton then tweeted out a new Quantcast pageview graph with the message:

In case of confusion: after a drop of about 25%, Gawker Media pageviews now more than halfway back.

With the competing charts, it’s tough to tell how bad the redesign has been for Gawker. But it’s clear that Denton is sticking to his guns on this one.

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