The Next Step for Gawker’s ‘Ethical Viral Engineering’

This will stand as the new benchmark of success for a Gawker employee. Start working for Nick Denton; get your own website vertical 18 months later.

Per a great little interview feature today by Capital New York’s Matthew Lynch, that is the plan for in-house clicks wizard Neetzan Zimmerman. And who can blame Denton? As Capital New York frames it, Zimmerman currently outpaces, on his own, blog networks with tens of employees :

Under this plan, Zimmerman would get both his own landing page and an intern (Gawker calls them “fellows,” and pays them by the hour) whom he can train in his “dark arts,” a phrase that comes up a lot among legacy editorial types discussing Zimmerman and his counterparts in the increasingly brutal game for attention spans on the Internet.

That internship is without a doubt one of the NYC media world’s most compelling such opportunities. Lynch interviewed the 32-year-old Israeli at a Third Avenue gastropub and got some hilarious details about Zimmerman’s daily morning routine. Gawker’s secret weapon works from a comfortable Upper East Side home base and sometimes likes to get rolling in the morning while still wearing a pair of Homer Simpson pajama pants. All the more to make his envious competitors exclaim, “D’oh!”

Read Lynch’s full piece here.

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