Gawker Traffic Flatlines

Alternate headline: Boss Asks Workers to Work.

According to a memo from Gawker executive editor John Cook, traffic at the site has flatlined, which means staffers need to work harder and faster.

“I don’t want to see Facebook viral garbage, but I do want more speed, more strength, and more desire on our sites,” wrote Cook. “I want to read people who wake up and attack.”

Cook went on to note that when traffic stalls, it’s an indication that staffers are being lazy.

“Right now I’m seeing too many first posts of the day going up at 9:40 a.m., too many posts with takes on stories that other sites addressed the day before, too many two-hour posts taking six-hours to write, too many posts that betray no attempt to add new information, research, reporting, or ideas to the topics they address. And too many people showing up in Slack at 11:00 a.m.”