Gawker Writers to Vote on Unionization

Stay tuned.

Gawker Media writers, who have been discussing joining a union, are going to vote on the issue June 3. Capital New York reports that the online vote will be open to all Gawker Media full-time writers, including those who work remotely.

If more than half of the writers vote for unionization, Gawker Media will become unionized and represented by the Writers Guild of America-East. Even those who voted against the measure will become part of the union.

What makes this unionization different than most is the complete lack of drama. Gawker Media founder Nick Denton has no intentions of fighting the move.

“I didn’t really know how Nick was going to react necessarily when we first got into it,” said Hamilton Nolan, the Gawker senior writer who is leading the union charge. I’ve been—what’s the expression?—pleasantly surprised to see how enlightened Nick is as a leader.”