Gee, Your Logo Tastes Terrific!

Pass the Pistons pizza and Timberwolves toast! Soon, you’ll be able to put your favorite NBA team where your mouth is, thanks to brave new licensing initiatives designed to fatten up the NBA’s bottom line. The league is betting that basketball fans, having lost interest in team-branded apparel, will have bottomless appetites for logo foodstuffs. “As key licensing categories have matured, it’s an ongoing goal of the NBA to expand the brand into places that may attract new customers,” Sal LaRocca, head of global merchandising, told USA Today. Why the move to food? “A lot of people watching NBA games on TV tend to eat.” A-ha! First up is NBA team logo pizza, created by applying printed wafers of sugar, starch, and food coloring to baked and sliced commercial pies that will retail for about $5 more than their logo-free counterparts. Fans can also burn favorite team logos into slices of bread with NBA Pro Toast Toasters, which are already popping up on eBay.

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