Geico’s Fired Big VO Guy Speaks Out

You can’t knock the big VO guy for having a big mouth, right? When your a corporation kowtowing to the loudest among us, apparently you can.

Ethan Strauss at interviews recently sacked actor DC Douglas:

Would you like to parlay this controversy into a new kind of job?

I am not enjoying this ride. I’m doing it because what FreedomWorks did was so egregious. They are a dangerous, McCarthy-like organization that is perverting the true nature of the original Tea Party movement for their own political ends. More of the media needs to investigate them. And the true Tea Party folks need to distance themselves from FreedomWorks if they wish to really affect positive change in this country.

I could’ve kept quiet about it all, as some advised, but then I would have to live with a sick feeling in my stomach for quite awhile. So I didn’t. Once I think enough people have heard this story and it appears Matt Kibbe, Dick Armey and FreedomWorks are being investigated for their negative impact on our national discourse, I’ll stop talking about it and get back into the booth or onto the set.

Whole piece is here.