Genera Games Launches Kingcraft Match-Three Game on Mobile

The game sees players conquering territories which generate gold over time.

Genera Games has launched its newest game, Kingcraft, worldwide on mobile devices, and has given SocialTimes an exclusive first look at the title. The match-three game, which is also available on Facebook, asks players to conquer their home’s neighboring villages to unlock new territories and earn coins.

Rather than lead players through a scripted level-based campaign, Kingcraft gives players some freedom to advance as they choose. As players complete each stage, they’ll unlock a new territory for their kingdom. After claiming each territory, the surrounding villages become available for invasion, so players can create their own path around each island in the game. Levels have difficulty ratings, so players will know when to expect a challenge as they progress.

Each captured territory (or sometimes group of territories) automatically generates gold coins over time, even when players aren’t in the game. This is represented by growing fruits and vegetables, or mining metals and gems (to keep the in-game economy in check, players can hold a limited amount of coins in total).

Kingcraft 1

Instead of each level offering three mastery stars, which is typical for the genre, reaching one or more score milestones in each level here results in a territory that produces coins faster. Players can pay real money to unlock special items which boost their production even farther, or increase their coin storage capacity.

Stages ask players to complete a variety of goals before running out of moves. For instance, one stage may ask players to earn a large number of points, while another asks them to clear crates by making matches next to them, and so on. Players make matches by swapping the locations of two touching symbols to create lines of at least three matching items. As players capture territories in bulk, they will unlock access to special castle levels, which costs coins to play.

As players create matches with four or more symbols, or those in special T or L shapes, they’ll create power-ups capable of clearing large groups of symbols from the board at once. It’s worth noting, some obstacles can only be cleared by these special items.

Players can also purchase a variety of additional power-ups while playing. As an example, one power-up may allow players to swap two symbols even if the move doesn’t create a match, while another allows them to clear a symbol of their choosing from the board. Gamers receive a few power-ups for free, but the rest can be purchased with real money.

If players fail to complete a stage before running out of moves, the invasion is unsuccessful, their avatar is captured and they’re required to pay a fine (in coins) to free him or her and continue playing.

If gamers login to Facebook, they’ll have access to their progress in the Facebook version of the game, and can also track their friends’ scores on each level’s leaderboard. To encourage friend invites, gamers receive free coins when they invite friends who play the game and also connect to Facebook.

Kingcraft is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game is also available to play for free on Facebook.