General Electric Chooses a Digital Marketing Pro to Be Its Next CMO

Linda Boff has been helping the brand be more relatable

Headshot of Katie Richards

General Electric has a new female chief marketing officer, Linda Boff. Boff takes over the role from Beth Comstock, following Comstock's move to GE's first female vice chair at the beginning of September.

Boff, former executive director of global brand marketing at GE, joined the company in 2003. In her new role, Boff, 53, will be responsible for taking charge of the company's digital industrial marketing strategy and continuing to advance the company's brand, among other tasks.

"Linda is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking marketers in the business," Beth Comstock, GE vice chair, said in a press release.

"Her extensive background in integrated marketing, digital media and brand, as well as her reputation for innovation, will help evolve our marketing organization, build our iconic brand and advance GE's digital and industrial strength."

Under Boff's leadership, GE has grown its content marketing game, making its brand more accessible to consumers around the world, especially on platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and Vine. According to Boff, GE was one of the first brands to use Vine back in 2013.

The extensive posts on Vine, Tumblr, and Facebook dive into GE's products, from gas turbines to the GE90 turbofan aviation engine, that show consumers how the often complex GE products work. Boff and former CMO Beth Comstock were also named one of five dynamic duos nailing digital marketing by Adweek last year. 

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.