George Lopez Says Some Stuff | Stylish Babies, Or “Scabies” | McDonald’s Is Basically Your Dream Company

FishbowlLA: Have I mentioned how much, as a Latina specifically but also as, you know, a person in general, I dislike George Lopez? So immense is my dislike! So vast! Put it this way: If my hatred took human form, it would be this guy.

LATBH: Seeing how I literally trip over three baby hipsters on my way to the corner bodega for 40s and snackcakes church, I have a feeling this site is going to feature some real prizes. And they’ll all be named “Kennedy.”

Working Mother: Here’s a list of the best companies for hourly workers. McDonald’s and Marriott both made the list, but, strangely, The Sparkle Dream Magic Unicorn Factory, LLC is nowhere to be found.

PRNewser: Think you can improve upon the iconic “I [Heart] NY” campaign? WELL YOU ARE WRONG.

Village Voice: In the zany, madcap world of media, you ain’t nobody unless you enter into a heated “report-off” with a colleague, much to the delight of other, bloodthirsty (And incestuous! Never forget incestuous.) media types. This time: Paul “The Kruginator” Krugman vs. Andrew “Ross” Sorkin.

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