George Takei, Patrick Stewart to Headline Smithsonian‘s ‘Future Is Here Festival’

smithsonian future

Alright nerds, get ready! 

Smithsonian magazine is holding their second annual The Future Is Here Festival May 16 – 18th on the Mall, and it’s shaping up to be the biggest collection of sci-fi geekery this side of ComiCon. The big draw this year is an advanced screening of the new X-Men movie featuring a live Q&A with the one and only Patrick Stewart. Presumably, there will be lots of actual sciency stuff too -but also Patrick Stewart! And George Takei.

Other guests include:

Brian Greene, Cosmologist, superstring and multiverse theorist, author of “The Hidden Reality”
Adam Steltzner, NASA’s “rock and roll engineer
Stewart Brand, De-extinction expert and Founder of The Long Now Foundation
Sara Seager, MIT Professor of Planetary Science and Physics
Kim Stanley Robinson, Hugo and Nebula-award winning science fiction author
The Mythbusters, (Courtesy of the Science Channel)
David Brin, Scientist and futurist: bestselling author of Earth and The Postman

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