Gerald Posner: Probably Plagiarized Why America Slept, Too

Gerald Posner, the Miami-based author and journalist who has been accused of lifting, like, everything he’s ever written, has been accused of… lifting something he’s written. Recently, we told you about Posner’s plans to possibly sue the Miami New Times for being “vulgar and threatening” in their reports on how Posner plagiarized from a number of publications including the New Times itself.

Now, the paper is looking into a complaint by a doctoral student named Greg Gelembiuk, who claims Posner creatively borrowed no less than 35 passages from him for use in two of his books: Why America Slept and Secrets of the Kingdom.

To look into these claims, the New Times asked Roy Peter Clark, a senior scholar at the Poynter Institute, to read various passages from Why America Slept, Posner’s 2003 look into the attacks that occurred on September 11. Clark’s conclusions? To paraphrase: “Dude. If this was an accident, then giving Sally Quinn a column was not.”

The paper contacted Posner’s publisher, Random House, who responded that they would look into these allegations.