Cumulus Cans Geraldo on the Eve of Thanksgiving

Via social media, Rivera vents about the way he has been treated by WABC-AM's new management.

WABCRadioLogoOver the Thanksgiving holiday, Geraldo Rivera found out in most unceremonious fashion that his time at WABC-AM is up.

In London with his family ahead of a planned crossover to Paris to cover this week’s climate change conference, Rivera informed fans via Facebook on Nov. 25 that Cumulus Media CEO Mary Berner and New York VP Chad Lopez had decided not to honor his ‘handshake deal’ with former company head John Dickey. The journalist followed on Nov. 28 with a more extensive Facebook post titled “This Is the End (Chapter One)”.” From that post:

In locking me out of my studio as of last Friday even though my contract does not expire until December 31st and in refusing to honor the 2016 deal negotiated by the ousted Dickeys, they have breached my contract. That slight will not go unanswered.

Trust me on this, it is not about the money. I have enough and give away to various charities more than most. But because of their unforgivable disrespect, I will fight them and they will end up costing their battered company far more in damages than they expect to save in my salary.

“Not red, not blue, but red, white and blue,” my show at 10AM ET on 77 WABC has provided a forum for views that varied from right to left and in between. It has been the favored show of the NYPD and the other uniformed metro area services, active duty and retired.

For me, the pity is this misguided management has deprived my loyal New York audience a program that they have followed and engaged with during a turbulent time of crucial interest, Paris, Planned Parenthood, Ferguson, the cops killed, ISIS, the presidential races, etc.

Dominic Carter, a commentator for Verizon FiOS and RNN, stepped into Geraldo’s WABC-AM slot this morning.

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