Get Instant Feedback While Delivering Presentations

Futurist Jim Carroll asks in a recent blog post, “What happens when high school students are told to text?” The question is a title to Carroll’s post in which he describes how during a presentation that he gave at his son’s high school he obtained instant feedback by using a text messaging polling system.

The video below is a brief snippet from Carroll’s presentation. I think it is particularly interesting to listen to Carroll describe using this polling system during a presentation he recently gave to bankers, and how few of the bankers knew how to send a text message. How we make payments is shifting from plastic credit cards to smartphones, and yet the people who run the industry behind that transformation don’t even know how to use a simple component of the technology.

The service that provides the text messaging polling system is Poll Everywhere. Polling is done by text messaging, web browers, or via Twitter, and the results are displayed instantly on a web page. You create a poll on Poll Everywhere’s web site, which can be inserted into web sites and Powerpoint presentations.

Pricing of Poll Everywhere’s service ranges from free for polls of 30 respondents, to $1,400 per month for polls with 20,000 respondents. If you frequently give presentations, you can sign up for a $65 per month subscription of 250 respondents, or a $15 per month subscription for 50 respondents. Teachers who want to use this service can get a special plan for $50 per year for a classroom size of 40 students.

The future of the career – on stage polling from jimcarroll on Vimeo.

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