Twitter’s New Profile Is Now Available To Everyone: Here’s How To Get Yours

Twitter's New Profile Is Available To Everyone: Here's How To Get Yours

Today, Twitter began rolling out its latest profile redesign to all users. Here’s how you can make the switch right now.

The latest profile page (which feels a lot like a Facebook-a-like redesign) began a slow rollout to Twitter users at the beginning of the month. Now, it would appear, all the kinks have been worked out: all Twitter users can now get the new look.

To switch over to the new profile, first visit this page. You’ll find a description of the new profile – which features a much bigger cover photo not partially obscured by your bio, pinnable tweets, a focus on photos and videos as well as other cosmetic changes – and downloadable header images if you need inspiration.

Scroll all the way to to bottom and click the small blue “Get it now” button. As long as you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to your profile in all of its newly redesigned glory.

After a brief tutorial of some of the new or moved elements, you’re on your own to design and explore to your heart’s content.

For now, the switch over to the new profile is optional (and users have the option to switch back if the change is too much for them), but it seems as though Twitter will be forcing all users to make the change eventually.

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