Get to Know Wright’s Fallingwater with an Architecturally Savvy Dachshund

Because we love dogs and architecture, in particular dachshunds and buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright, we have found our new favorite book. Cara Armstrong, the curator of education at arguably Wright finest masterpiece has published Moxie, The Dachshund of Fallingwater, which tells the story of the dog who lived there with the Kaufmann family who had commissioned the now famous building. Outside of just being cute, the book also tries to turn kids on to architecture, which make us wish we had nieces or nephews or that Stephanie wasn’t barred from coming within 100 feet of a school, because it’s just the sort of thing we’d like to buy a youngster. Here’s where to order if you’re interested, and for further reading, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has a brief interview with Armstrong about the book. Here’s a bit:

“I wanted to make Fallingwater more accessible to kids and architecture more accessible to kids,” says Armstrong, 41. “Moxie embodies the four design themes of Fallingwater — the cantilever, the cascade, the circle (or semicircle), and the horizontal. I think kids of any age will enjoy this book, even grown-up kids.”

To help launch the book, the organization has also put together this “Explore Fallingwater with Moxie” activity page, which we may or may not have played with for a while.

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