Get to the Point: IHOP Fires Woman for Customer’s Bad Math Skills


Hey kids. Go to school. That, or don’t tip at IHOP. 

It was just a regular day in Henrico, Va. when some guy was jonesin’ for a Rooty Tooty Fresh N’ Fruity at IHOP.

Dude walks in, sits down, and meets his lovely server, Chanetrice Carter. He devours his meal, gets his bill, and decides he was smitten with young Chanetrice. I guess it was the way she poured his coffee with a playful reach for the cream.

So, he tips her $200! And Chanetrice was given a pink slip for her troubles. Wait, what? 

Such is the worry with franchise public relations — so many locations, so many possibilities, and so many franchisees.

Anything could happen. A store owner could go rogue with a media tour. An employee could put their hands on a photographer. And then there’s what could possibly a completely innocent issue but it still smells like, well, egg on the face of IHOP.

Here’s why:

IHOP receipt

That is clearly a receipt and that is also clearly a $200.00 tip. Sure, the dolt who wrote this thing doesn’t know the first thing about decimal points but can you blame Ms. Carter? Girl works hourly and was about to get a sizzling eight percent tip from this cheap, jackleg fool. So, she sees this and it’s Miller Time.

  • For the customer: IHOP paid him back upon complaint.
  • For the employee: Pay it all back or you’re fired (she took the money and may get her gig back).
  • For the news: A story that goes viral.

I’d say everyone wins. AmIRight?