Get Your Boobarific Meghan McCain Twitpic Right Here

No way will WebNewser be left out of this one. Meghan McCain, the outspoken daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain, vowed Wednesday night that she is “getting the f*** off Twitter” after being criticized by some for posting a picture of her cavernous cleavage herself in a black tank top holding a book.

McCain uploaded the self-snapped photo to Twitpic. (Don’t bother with the link, though. She deleted the picture, which, as you know, will make it permanently disappear from the Internet. Just keep scrolling.) About an hour later, after receiving numerous critical comments, McCain tweeted:

so I took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I was wearing but apparently anything other than a pantsuit I am a slut

this is why I have been considering deleting my twitter account, what once was fun now just seems like a vessel for harassment

I am going to take some more time to think about it but seriously I was just trying to be funny with the book and that I’m a dork staying in

when I am alone in my apartment, I wear tank tops and sweat pants, I had no idea this makes me a “slut”, I can’t even tell you how hurt I am

ok I am getting the f*** off twitter, promise not to delete my account until I sleep on it, thank you for the nice words supporters

I do want to apologize to anyone that was offended by my twitpic, I have clearly made a huge mistake and am sorry 2 those that are offended.

in the meantime, my new column for The Daily Beast

That was the last post. Her account (followed by nearly 62,000 people) still is up, so either McCain’s decided not to delete it or she’s really sleeping in today.

As for the photo that kicked up this Twit-storm? It’s below…

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