Getjar Helps Sites Lead You to the Right App Download for Your Mobile Device

iPhone users don’t know how lucky they are to have had a single App Store to turn to in their quest for apps. Users of other mobile phone platforms have spent years wandering the web and getting pointers from friends on how to find an app that might do something interesting for them.

In the rare case when a site (usually a content rich one) actually has an app for that site (say Facebook or Skype), it is usually impossible to navigate the non-mobile friendly site to find the correct download for your specific phone. Getjar has a solution for this problem…

Help users get the right app with App Download Pages

Their App Download Page service provides a way for web developers to identify a mobile device and provide the correct app to download and install. Facebook is the first to use this service. And, as you can see in the screenshot above, after logging in to Facebook, it correctly identified my HTC TyTn (a Windows Mobile smartphone) and provied a link to download the appropriate installer.

Good job, Getjar!

Via: Facebook Users Download 1 Million Mobile Apps A Week—With The Help Of GetJar

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