Getty Images Launches ‘Stock Photo Rights’ Site

Speaking from experience, it’s often a difficult thing to figure out rights management when you buy something from a stock site. Be it video, music, photography, or what have you, if you’re working at an interdisciplinary type of shop, where your finished product will appear in all sorts of different mediums, those lines can get blurry as to where you’re allowed to use things and how much you need to pay for the rights, etc. Though it’s still infinitely easier than dealing with SAG and AFTRA contracts (don’t get us started), it can be a tricky endeavor. And because of that, Getty Images has teamed with the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies and the Picture Archive Council of America in creating Stock Photo Rights, a sort of library of stripped-down information about, well, stock photo rights (which we’re pretty sure you could loosely apply to other media content at least as a base). It might be a dry topic, but valuable if you’re in the habit of buying creative content and don’t enjoy a) lawsuits or b) cheating working photographers. And at least they try to sex it up a bit, like with this stop-motion video: