Getty Images Shuts Down Its In-House Stock Operation, Some Layoffs

The wholly-owned creative stock program at Getty Images may be gone, according to reports on a couple photo blogs. Greg Ceo wrote on his blog that “the entire…program has been shut down.” PDN Pulse says that Ceo’s a Getty photographer, “so he’s in a position to know”—they also spoke to Getty spokesperson Molly McWhinnie who confirmed that a reorg is taking place.

“As a private company, we are not able to share any specifics as to the number of employees,” she told PDN Pulse. “However, suffice to say, the roles are global in nature and that it is a very small number of people. Overall, an extremely small percentage.”

The number may be as small as two people, but we’re also hearing that the entire Seattle creative team (unsure how many people that consists of) may have been notified that their jobs were cut effective Dec. 31.

Wholly-owned stock is when a photographer on an agency’s payroll creates the image, rather than a freelancer funding his/her own shoots and then selling the images to a stock agency.

In more photo agency news, Corbis is letting some of its London and Paris employees go.

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