Getty Museum Receives Record Number of Photo Donations

Staying with museums a bit longer, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is plenty pleased with itself, having announced that last year they’d received the largest number of donations to their photography collection they’d ever taken in. Likely due to the special anniversary presentation in 2009, celebrating the photography side of the museum, the Getty told Art Daily that they’d received more than 1,000 photos from over 40 individual donors, beefing up their already impressive collection considerably. Here’s a bit:

This year’s donations made the Getty’s already sizable collection of photographs by Manuel Alvarez Bravo and William Eggleston the best in the country. Earlier this year, the Getty Museum announced that Dan Greenberg and Susan Steinhauser, who have regularly contributed to the Getty’s holdings, donated fifty-two prints by Bravo, which brings the collection of works by this late Mexican master to 247 photographs. Local patrons Caldecott Chubb and his wife Isabel, who have helped build the Museum’s Eggleston collection over the past ten years, gave a group of seventy-eight prints from the late 1970s by this America guru of the color medium.

“We are grateful to all the donors who chose the Getty for their contributions in 2009,” says senior curator Judith Keller]. “Their donations have deeply enriched our holdings by introducing artists not previously held at the Getty, like Gilles Peress, Robert Polidori, Liza Ryan, Brian Ulrich, Peter Wegner, and Pinar Yolacan.”

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