GFace Promises a Cloud Gaming Social Network With Console Quality Gameplay

A new social network that promises to combine high-quality console level games to easy, social matchmaking is gaining buzz around the web.  The service is called GFace, and they’ve just recently opened up to a closed beta.  We take a look at some of GFace’s features below.

GFace is a gamer’s social network where players are enabled to talk about games, share games and actually play games with one another with great ease. It is a fully featured social network with profiles, profile photos, a central news feed, user groups (similar to Google+ circles), but it has a cherry on top: actual high quality games. Using a cloud gaming technology similar to OnLive or Gaikai, GFace allows players to easily start a game between each other, and because of the technology those games can be fully featured games.

The reason this service may have legs is that it is being developed by Crytek, the famous developers of the Crysis game engine. They have a very strong technical background as evidenced by their cutting edge graphics technology, and this ensures that GFace will continue to evolve and may in fact provide a cloud gaming service superior to competitors like OnLive. In addition, there will be features like live video feeds of your game, which is something that OnLive uses well right now — you can jump into any public game and watch a player as they play.

At this point, there isn’t much information about the service, but we’re going to do some digging to try to get more information about the entire service. The upcoming battle between Gaikai, OnLive and GFace will likely be an important one for both the world of gaming and social gaming.

A video from GFace demonstrates some of the interesting features of the social network below. You can see the circles type contact adding and the news feed and stream.