Who You Gonna Call for a Ghostbusters Script Read? How About Seth, Rainn and Jack

As per usual, Entertainment Weekly senior writer Anthony Breznican has the exclusive scoop on who will be participating in filmmaker Jason Reitman‘s next “Live Read” event at LACMA. For a script indelibly stamped by Reitman’s dad Ivan.

Standing in on Thursday for the Ghostbusters trio of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis will be, respectively, Seth Rogen, Jack Black and Rainn Wilson. The only problem is that a lot of Murray’s best lines as Dr. Peter Venkman were not on the page, so Reitman had to combine the original script with a transcript of the finished film. Per Breznican’s report:

“While almost all of the dialogue in the original screenplay is echoed on screen, the Venkman character is completely improvised,” Reitman tells EW. “It’s as if Bill Murray was given a mumblecore-style essay about each scene and then permitted to say whatever he wanted as long as he got the point across.”

“He slimed me” is in the script, but not the follow-up line: “I feel so funky.”

The stellar LACMA Ghostbusters trio and the Reitman family connection should help make the December 13 read the highlight of season two. Other actors scheduled to take part in the merriment include Kristen Bell and Kevin Pollak, who will get to use both his Larry King and Casey Kasem impressions.

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