Giffage Launches GIF Keyboard App on iOS

Giffage offers a standalone app and a GIF keyboard, and allows users to create their own GIFs to share with others.

Giffage has announced the official release of its iOS keyboard app, which allows users to find GIFs to share in text messages and emails, or create their own GIFs to share. Giffage was co-founded by Elliot Tebele, who has over 6.8 million followers on Instagram, and functions as both a standalone app, as well as a third-party keyboard, once users activate the keyboard in their device settings.

The app itself allows users to browse and search for GIFs from Giphy’s large library of content. Users can browse trending GIFs, or browse GIF categories like ‘memes,’ ‘reactions’ and ‘animals,’ among others. Users can also search for GIFs based on keywords.

When users find a GIF they’d like to share, they can tap to view it in its full size, and tap a button to copy the GIF, which can then be pasted into text messages, emails or other text windows. Tapping a separate heart button allows users save the GIF to their favorites for easy access later on.

Giffage Screenshots

In addition, users can create new GIFs by recording short video clips within the app. These GIFs can be customized with filters and text. Finally, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users can convert their Live Photos into GIFs by selecting these Live Photos in their camera roll, tapping the share button and tapping on the ‘Giffage Wallet’ option on the share menu (users will first need to activate this option within the share menu itself). Created GIFs will be sent to the user’s favorites section within Giffage.

When users activate the Giffage keyboard, they’ll have access to a search bar for finding GIFs to copy and paste into messages, without using the Giffage app itself. Users can access their favorited GIFs from this keyboard, and can favorite new GIFs by tapping and holding on them as they search within the keyboard.

In a statement, Giffage CEO, Jack Shalom, commented:

Like emojis, GIFs are 2015’s preferred way to communicate visually with your friends. In fact we’re probably in the same spot as emojis were two years ago, but mobile users are desperate to ditch text and find ways to express themselves visually, and that’s where Giffage comes in. Sometimes only a GIF will do.

Giffage is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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