Gifts and Mobile Reach This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

This week’s list of fast gaining Facebook apps, measured by growth in daily active users, contains a nice mix of social utilities and trend-setting mobile apps.

Skipping Static FBML, the list starts with Frases Diarias a daily quotation app in Spanish that’s growing fast. That’s followed by iHeart, which actually gained few, if any new DAU — its week began with climbing out of a fairly sharp dip in traffic. But there’s no doubt that the Family Feud trivia game is really picking up users; its limitation of two games per day seems to be keeping users engaged.

The more interesting parts start with the mobile apps, from number five down. Here’s the full AppData top 20:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Static FBML 8,270,069 +1,805,634 +27.93
2. Frases Diarias 701,108 +610,143 +670.74
3. iHeart 1,504,740 +377,782 +33.52
4. Family Feud 1,173,163 +331,282 +39.35
5. Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones 10,373,441 +305,466 +3.03
6. Mobile 8,361,813 +301,093 +3.74
7. Facebook for iPhone 17,781,118 +229,858 +1.31
8. Nightclub City 341,839 +215,664 +170.92
9. Tarjetitas 300,334 +175,467 +140.52
10. MindJolt Games 2,035,873 +172,887 +9.28
11. YoVille 1,717,026 +171,445 +11.09
12. Yearbook 322,710 +162,950 +102.00
13. Collect Roses 188,058 +160,656 +586.29
14. Family Tree 441,061 +159,286 +56.53
15. @Smiles 679,153 +138,078 +25.52
16. Causes 1,296,527 +129,974 +11.14
17. Status Shuffle 775,680 +107,415 +16.07
18. Quiz Planet! 366,521 +103,885 +39.55
19. Social City 2,679,162 +103,039 +4.00
20. Give Hearts 623,670 +99,850 +19.06

Facebook for BlackBerry, Mobile and Facebook for iPhone are helpfully grouped. As we’ve noted before, there’s more to the growth trend for the mobile apps than new users. Although the process is very slow, it looks like DAU as a percentage of MAU is very slowly creeping up for these apps — in other words, people that have them installed are tending to use them more often.

Moving on to number 12, Yearbook has suddenly started growing again, although its DAU remains relatively low as compared to its nearly four million monthly active users. Family Tree is in a very similar position, seeing new growth but relatively steady, low DAU as a percentage of MAU.

In between the two, Collect Roses is enjoying a huge spike in traffic, although few of those DAU are likely to stick around. It’s in a similar category to Give Hearts, which has actually done fairly well at keeping people engaged, with just under 10 percent coming back on a daily basis.

Finally, there’s Causes, the long-lived social consciousness app. It only made the list, actually, because of a wiggle in DAU caused by its slow gain in MAU. But the fact that the app has started growing again at all after two years on the scene is pretty impressive.

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