GigaMedia increases focus on social casino, plans launch suite of casino games

As many developers shift toward social casino games, Taipei-based GigaMedia announced that it would be launching a new suite of casino games last Tuesday. The new suite will be released in approximately the next four weeks.

The company plans on developing games for both mobile and desktop to build a strong multi-platform offering. It will use its existing FunTown gaming platform to drive increased growth in 2013 and beyond.

“We are targeting the highest-spending social gamers in the world’s largest mobile games market — Asia,” said GigaMedia CEO Collin Hwang in a statement. “We see great growth prospects for our online games business in social casino games and are moving forward quickly.”

A good majority of social games developers are relishing at the opportunity brought forth by social casino games and GigaMedia is no different. After social games juggernaut Zynga focused on real-money gaming in its most recent shareholder’s meeting, all their hands in the cookie jar. In GigaMedia’s case, the company looks to conduct closed beta testing for its games in Taiwan internet cafes. From there, it can then fine tune the games to fit in with players expectations.

CEO Collin Hwang also added, “We are also reviewing potential strategic partnerships and acquisitions that would enable us to accelerate our growth in social casino games.” Though it is looking to entire the market quickly, the company should be careful of putting too many eggs in one basket. The last we reported of GigaMedia, it had just third quarter losses back in 2011 with a planned pivot into Mobile. Looking forward, the change my keep things afloat for a while, but as we have reported before, the real-money gaming market is already over saturated.