‘Girls Don’t Poop’ Gets 13M YouTube Views, Takes Toilet Humor to New Level

Spritzer passes smell test

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Poo-Pourri's month-old video has already garnered 13 million YouTube videos, seemingly due to the fact that it doesn't shy away from the crappy nature of its product line.

In "Girls Don't Poop," the e-commerce brand—which offers a fragrance that is sprayed into the toilet by users before they drop a deuce—utilizes an actress who frankly speaks about the social perils of leaving behind a stench for future latrine occupants. While her British accent and formal blue dress help make the humor, the copy certainly doesn't stink.

Near the end of the 2-minute spot, the young redhead says: "So whether you need to pinch a loaf at work, cut a rope at a party or lay a brick at your boyfriend's, your days of embarrassing smells or prairie-dogging it are over."

The work has, without question, passed the smell test online with its crazy number of views. To put it into perspective, in less than 30 days, "Girls Don't Poop" is quickly closing in on the number of online views for Dodge Ram's acclaimed "So God made a Farmer" Super Bowl spot, which racked 16 million eight months after its debut. 

And due to its cleverly humorous content, the Addison, Texas-based startup's success is probably most akin to Dollar Shave's brand-making video exploits. Proven viral video maker, Jeffrey Harmon, who helped launch the uber-successful Orabrush, created Poo-Pourri's spot.

No need to hold your nose while checking out Harmon's latest effort.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.
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