Gizmodo Hands-on With Nokia’s Booklet 3G – Lower Price Point Than Earlier Reported?

Gizmodo took Nokia’s oddly named Booklet 3G netbook out for a spin…

Nokia Booklet 3G Hands On: Nice Netbook, But How Much?

Gizmodo noted the following features…

– 2.6 pounds
– 16 cell battery providing a claimed 12 hours of use
– 1.6 GHz Atom Z530 processor
– HDMI video port
– Easy to access SIM card slot for use with 3G radio

Back in early September I took a look at the Booklet 3G’s features (but not the actual device)…

Nokia Booklet 3G: Big Netbook Specs, Big Hopes, Big Price, Big Flop?

Here’s a couple of other items to note about the netbook…

– The display is 1280×720 resolution (720p HD)
– The GPS in the netbook is Assisted GPS (depends on cell tower triangulation)
– It has an accelerometer

Gizmodo speculates the Booklet 3G’s price will be $600 unlocked (not tied to a cell phone carrier). PC World reported back in early September that the Booklet 3G’s price would be $820.

The $600 price is actually somewhat reasonable for a fully loaded netbook (3G radio, HD video, GPS, 12-cell battery, etc.). However, it is quite a bit higher than the typical $300 to $400 starting price point for most netbook models.

As I said in my earlier blog item on this product, Apple’s much rumored tablet may be able to redefine the netbook’s price point, but I don’t think this Nokia netbook can do the same.