Glamour Cuts Staff, Joins More With Self

The blending continues.

CmrmutsWAAALiH5.jpg-largeGlamour has cut staff as it further integrates with Self.

Among the handful of those let go was executive director of editorial operations John Dioso. According to WWD, others cut from Glamour included a senior fashion news editor, copy editors and photographers.

A memo from Glamour editor in chief Cindi Leive and chief revenue officer Connie Anne Phillips indicated that the layoffs were part of a restructuring.

The changes also mean more Glamour-Self intergration. The combo began forming last year when Glamour absorbed Self’s ad sales team.

The new Glamour-Self structure has the magazines sharing operations and social media teams. The operations staffers will serve under Glamour managing editor LaToya Valmont and Self managing editor Erin Hobday. The social media staff will serve under the newly-appointed associate social media director Kenny Thapoung.