Glee for iPad & iPhone: AutoTune-d Karaoke Just Went Worldwide and is a Lot of Fun!

Smule continues its string of innovative musical apps. They launched Magic Piano exclusively for the iPad at the iPad’s launch. I was all set to buy the app this weekend to play with (and probably still will) when I learned of a new $2.99 universal app from Smule that runs on both the iPhone and iPad:

Glee 1.0.2

This app’s theme is the hit FOX TV show Glee. Glee is an hour-long “dramedy” about a high school glee club and the school’s staff and teachers. Each episode features a number of popular songs being sung by the show’s characters (vs. being background music).

Smule’s Glee app is essentially a social network worldwide karaoke app that uses music from the show for app users to sing along with. The songs are popular ones from the 1960s to the present. So, they are probably more widely known than Smule’s previous, and very well received, karaoke app “I am T-Pain”.

The Glee app goes far beyond the I Am T-Pain app in terms of socializing the activity. The ability to sing along to music from Glee and have your singing “fixed” by the AutoTune technology is just the start. You can also listen to people from around the world singing. And, you can sing with another person who is also using the Glee app. You can, quite honestly, enjoy the app without singing a note. Just listening to other people sing (or attempt to sing) the songs is very entertaining.

Three songs are provided with the app. Additional songs from Glee can be purchased for 99 cents each. The current top selling add-on song is John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

I was so amazed by the app that I showed it to at least a dozen people at work yesterday. If you want something fascinating to show off on your iPhone or iPad this weekend, Glee might be the app to spend your hard earned $2.99 on.

Thanks to Smule for providing me with an evaluation copy to play with. It was interesting to watch the world light up on their app as more people bought it through Thursday and started singing along.

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