Student Newspaper Editor Hopes to Soon Become Legal

This month is shaping up as a momentous one for Angel Silva, managing editor of Glendale Community College student newspaper El Vaquero. Per a write-up in the Glendale News-Press, he plans – after putting to bed this week’s final issue of the semester – to get around to the business of applying for temporary illegal-resident amnesty.

His application will seek to take advantage of a June 2012 President Obama executive order designed to provide children of illegal immigrants with two-year work permits. Silva’s undocumented status prevented him earlier this year from landing a paid position as El Vaquero editor-in-chief. And at GCC, he is not alone. Per the article by current USC Annenberg graduate student and former Times Community News education writer Megan O’Neil:

Silva is one of 400 undocumented students — often referred to as AB 540, or Dream Act, students — enrolled at Glendale Community College. He said his experience has not weakened his passion for journalism, but it has fueled his engagement with immigration issues. He has become increasingly involved in VOICES, an on-campus student organization focused on immigration, as well as the Coalition for Human Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) and the California Dream Network.

Earlier this fall, Silva won two individual second place awards for his reporting at a conference hosted by the southern division of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges. Read O’Neil’s full piece here.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.