Glenn Beck, Nay Phone Latt Among Media Types to Crack the Time 100

Time released its “Time 100″ list today. Most of the heavy hitters to make the cut fall outside the media sphere, with a few notable exceptions.

Clearly the most serious among the selections is Nay Phone Latt, the blogger imprisoned in Burma who this year won the PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award. Salman Rushdie writes:

When the junta there cracked down on Buddhist-monk-led demonstrations in 2007 and restricted press coverage, Nay Phone Latts blog was a go-to source for international journalists. For this, he was arrested and is serving 12 years.

Firebrand televised political commentator (some would say nonsense-spewer) Glenn Beck ranks No. 12 on Time‘s “Leaders” list, sandwiched between Arizona Senator Jon Kyl and Houston mayor Annise Parker. Sarah Palin pens Beck’s blurb, saying he’s “the high school government teacher so many wish they’d had” and praising him for “kicking it old school” with his famed chalkboard.

And what Time 100 list would be complete without media mogul Oprah Winfrey. Phil Donahue says of Oprah:

You have carved out a world of huge crowds, where your audience members get cars and the President calls you back! And throughout this fabulous fairyland story, you have held to a noble purpose: you leave a legacy of responsible TV stewardship, a program that brought light to dark places and made us laugh, often at ourselves.

Honored “Time 100 Alumnae” include Barbara Walters, Martha Stewart, Suze Orman, Joy Behar, Ann Coulter and Katie Couric.

Think that’s a short list? Don’t fear, Time‘s list of least influential people includes a few more media brands.

Gourmet gets roasted for folding even though the country is “obsessed with food.” Fellow former Conde Nast publication Portfolio also made the list.

• Current TV CEO Mark Rosenthal takes a hit because no one watches it.

Time busts NewsBusters’ Matthew Balan, putting him in the “moron” category for making fun of Rick Sanchez.

• David Shuster makes the list for shooting a CNN pilot while still employed by MSNBC.